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In most cases, people who have behavioral problems may affect their family members, too. Some families have multiple members in it who need guidance in order to become more functional as a unit. The goal is to keep families together but there are few resources in the community and few professionals who specialize in this area. This is where Innovative Family Services comes in – we answer the need for sound advice and guidance for parents and children to turn to when their family life meets a crisis along the way. Find your way back to a straight path where you can be happy with the people you love and people who love you – your Family.

Innovative Family Services offers the services of experienced and professional therapists to counsel with the concerned individual or to guide parents in raising their family. It doesn’t happen in one click but individual counseling and family support services truly help. You can start today by speaking with our staff. Call 804-528-8391 for assistance.


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Innovative Family Services is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health And Developmental Services to provide Mental Health Services.