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Mental Health Skill-Building Services

Mental Health Skill-Building Services (MHSS)

Although a number of significant services have been developed in the areas of enhancing independence with adolescents and adults, there remains a small number of individuals who, for various and complex reasons, require more intensive and person centered services. In keeping with its adaptive approach to service delivery, Innovative Family Services has designed a Mental Health Skill Building program that provides a comprehensive therapeutic approach with a clinical emphasis.

Treatment Philosophy
Mental Health Skill-Building Services (MHSS) endeavors to provide a highly structured and caring environment, staffed by professionally trained and skilled staff. MHSS IFS enables individuals to achieve and maintain stability, independence, and success in the home and in the community. The agency will serve individuals who display significant functional limitations and may have a serious mental illness and/or a need for training and/or support to live with stability in the community. The program will also serve older adolescents and adults, who need additional support due to emotional disturbance, family disruption, social problems, and/or school Problems.

Our services help those with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues develop more positive and healthy behaviors. Individuals learn to function as independently as possible in the least restrictive community setting. The client’s potential to learn and grow within the program will be carefully and consistently monitored. Our Team provides diagnostic assessments, transitional living planning, transportation assistance and other services.

Treatment Goals & Activities

We also provide transitional support and stabilization services to clients returning to the community from a more restrictive environment. Our goal is to provide each client with individualized services and training so he/she can function as independently as possible. Each client will learn to utilize appropriate community resources to maintain stability in the least restrictive community setting.

We at IFS endeavor, through our program:

  • To develop more effective daily living skills, as well as, improved communication and adaptive behaviors to improve interpersonal skills.
  • To enhance functional level.
  • To improve community awareness and give opportunities for community integration and education regarding community resources.
  • To provide services to clients to enhance their independence in their communities.

A framework of modeling, teaching, ongoing assessment and feedback will provide additional emphasis for clients to practice new skills. Various treatment modalities are critical to help clients to generalize skill development and designed to assist in:

  1. Developing more effective social, communication, and interpersonal skills
  2. Improving independent daily living skills to stabilize home placement
  3. Enhancing client/family’s understanding of other services available after mental health support services
  4. Enhancing functioning level
  5. Community integration and generalizing newly acquired skills