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About Us

Innovative Family Services was established in April 2009 on the premise of “empowering families to empower their communities.”

Mission Statement
Our mission is to build a positive, caring relationship with families and to promote the entire family unit to make positive changes in attitude, values, and behavior.

Innovative Family Services’ approach to therapy is four-fold:

  • searching for the individual’s healthy intentions embedded in their pathology;
  • developing with them a clear vision of what they really want to master;
  • helping them find the courage to make a proactive step in this direction; and
  • doing this work in an atmosphere of respect and support, that is, in partnership.

Innovative Family Services agrees with David Waters, Ph.D. and Edith C. Lawrence, Ph.D. who stated:

“No one sets out to go on a bad journey, but many journeys end up badly.”

Our goal is to support individuals and families whose lives have gone off course by helping them find their way back to hope and wholeness.